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Vacation Adventures - Read about entertaining vacations and adventures. From fine dining to world class hotels, it's a great world for traveling.

Succeed and Achieve - Success is for everyone. This site offers success training videos, special audio packages from the world's best motivation speakers, as well as books, quotations and success articles.

eTV News - The latest in video for the internet is here. Watch your favorite TV shows and movies directly on your PC. You can also find the latest high-tech video news as well as the latest celebrity news.

Video and More - From downloadable video to feature films and television shows on VHS and DVD, Video and More offers you great entertainment for great prices.

Sore Souls - Thinking of ordering shoes from the internet? Don't be afraid. We have an excellent selection of brand name shoes, designer shoes, wide-width shoes, narrow-width shoes, extra wide-width shoes, children's shoes, men's shoes, women's shoes as well as information on shoe care and proper foot care, too.

The Military Salute - If you are looking for the perfect presentation to honor veterans, then look no further than The Military Salute. This three and a half minute video presentation comes with a public viewing license, so you can share the video with audiences for Veterans Day, Memorial Day, Military Appreciation Day, Retirement Day, or unit reunions.

Northwest Adventures and Vacations - The Pacific Northwest is a great place to spend a vacation. If you only have a couple of days and are looking for a short adventure, then we have many suggestions. We write about our own adventures to Northwest cities like: Tacoma, Seattle, Mukilteo, Victoria and Portland. We stay at hotels or bed & breakfasts. We visit museums, restaurants, and fun places to shop and look around.

Men, they Just Don't Get It! - Men, They Just Donít Get It! is a collection of short stories written by women for women with a single purpose: FUN!!! Included are short stories about dating, relationships, love, pregnancy, weddings, divorce, marriage, menopause, courtship, infertility, birth, family life, rejection and betrayalÖWomen will find these stories entertaining, sometimes funny, sometimes sad, but all very real. These stories are not meant to be a put down to men, however, as we compiled them a common thread did appear. Men donít often respond in a manner that women expect or desire. (imagine that!) We discovered that these stories were much more amusing to women than to men. In fact, most men didnít find them humorous at all. Yet, many women reading these stories fell over backwards laughing.

Rock and Roll Hard of Hearing Hall of Fame - This site recognizes both the achievement of people in the rock and roll industry who have suffered hearing loss from their association with amplified music and gives hope of hearing regeneration.

Videos, Music and More - This site offers a great selection of Biographies, DVDs of Western, DVDs of Concerts, Rock and Roll CDs, Alternative Rock CDs, Music Related Apparel, Specials on Refurbished Personal Electronic, Concert Tickets, and much more.